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Customer story 1

Hi, my name is Ann. I work as an administrator of a small business here in Houston Texas. We are a trading company that thanks to my boss’s vision and hard work, is doing really well! It’s hard to believe that just 6 short months ago, I was about to resign. Being in charge of making and sending all sorts of documents was OK at the beginning, when we hadn’t grown much, but we got to a point that all I was doing was creating documents, using my created documents to create more documents and the worst part… constantly chasing down my boss to get him to sign off on all of these. That wasn’t even the bad part. The nerve racking thing was the fact that the sales weren’t happening so fast, and payments started coming late. My boss even sat me down, drew the blinds and questioned my capacity and ability to perform. He was actually surprised to find out that our sales were taking forever because of the ancient methods we were using, not least of which was getting him to physically sign each and every document. He promised to come back with a solution. I was expecting some part time help, but a week later we started using Zulu and boy, was I surprised to see that Quotes, Invoices, Proformas, could be done in about a minute! Not only that, but my bosses signature could be attached digitally which meant no more waiting! Everything was there: contacts, stock, tasks, reports, and a nice variety of documents. Not only that, but once I had my first document, I could just go back and clone it, change bits and pieces and send it back. I didn’t even have to open Outlook and attach the file to email, Zulu does it all with a few clicks! So I became crazy efficient overnight, my boss thinks I’m some sort of document creating god, and I no longer feel like quitting. I’ve recommended Zulu to many friends. It’s really the best thing out there if you want to work in a simple, quick and efficient manner. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! Ann Waters, Houston TX