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Customer story 2

This story may surprise you but it’s true. I am a business owner and Zulu saved my back. Literally. You wouldn’t believe what chronic pain does to you. You simply stop engaging in things that bring on this kind of pain, even if that if that is your own company. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say I’ve had it for many, many years. Slowly and without noticing, I started distancing myself from my own company just because physically sitting in a chair caused agonizing pain. I sent emails or Skyped, but without a constant, guiding presence, the team became became less efficient. Things were taking twice as long, and much of the work was delivered subpar. Business owners reading this might cringe to hear, that somehow, I accepted the situation in favor of less pain and more time for physiotherapy to get myself out of this depressing situation. I figured we’d be out of this once I got healed, but things went even further downhill when I started struggling to pay for my therapy, and when I took an honest look to my company’s situation, it wasn’t pretty. I had managed to lose key customers on account of not being there for them. I had already looked for some cloud management solutions to run my business on the go without having to be physically in the office, but it was like a sea of garbage. There were huge systems that were unbelievably expensive and so complex that my workers would need further training just to use it, or overly simple systems that again, didn’t fit the bill. And then I found Zulu. I was hesitant to use it, especially because they didn’t offer the free trial, but their customer service was exceptional and mentioned that they wanted people to truly try it, to truly engage with their product. Free things are usually overlooked and forgotten. But they carried a 30 days guarantee (which was just the same to me), and that seemed to be more honest that the lure of free stuff. Anyway, long story short, it’s been over a year, and my business is not only back to where it was, but thriving! Thanks to it’s main focus being sales, we have increased our customer base almost 30%! That’s not even the best part. The truly amazing thing is that my back pain is pretty much gone. The fact that I could take all that time away from the office, to do my therapy, and to avoid sitting down for hours at a time, without losing control of my business — this was a true gift. Thanks Zulu, you really got my back! Greg Sansa from Brooklyn, NY