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Customer story 3

I’m a freelance web developer and I can honestly say that Zulu has paid for itself many times over. I think the best way to explain this is to describe the old way I used to do business versus the new way. The old way: I didn’t know the first thing about sales or documents or keeping track of work that I’d done. To be honest, I never thought this was important until I had so many customers that I couldn’t keep them all straight and I was forgetting to collect money for jobs that I’d done — just because I couldn’t remember what I’d done, when I’d done it, how long it took, and so on. I was disorganized. I kept a notepad, but if I forgot to check my notes then I’d forget about a website that a customer expected to be completed. They’d call, I’d make an excuse, then scramble around late-night and finish it. The way I felt can be summarized with just one word: inadequate. I thought of hiring a secretary but I couldn’t justify the cost. The new way: After buying Zulu (I felt confident because they have a moneyback guarantee), the first thing I did was input my stack of business cards which became contacts in the system including a google map of their location, phone and address, etc. I then threw away the cards because I hate clutter. Now, I can easily select them to create documents or associate tasks with them. When I build a website for someone, I track the hours and input them in an Invoice day-by-day as I work. When the job is finished, it takes me 10 seconds to fire off that invoice via email to the customer and I often get a “Wow, how cool is that?” sort of response. That feels good. I thought I’d need to buy a printer but people really do prefer the PDF version, so I saved money there too. The best part is that I never forget anyone because I get emails to remind me of tasks. I don’t have to make excuses anymore, and this has brought on a new sense of confidence and competence. I can truly say that Zulu has improved my business and allowed me to work almost beyond my means. I’m a sole proprietor working from home, but my customers get the feeling that I’m with a larger web design company. Now I just need to come up with an excuse as to why I meet customers at coffee shops instead of my office! Travis Wolfe from Tucson, AZ