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Customer story 4

Hey Zulu team, Just a quick word. I am designer working as a freelancer, and as such, I make money designing, not making all these documents that my customers need. I mean, don’t get me wrong, quotations and invoices are key to getting paid, but the more time I spend doing those, the less time I have to design, and that sucks! It got worse when I had to call some University friends to design for my customers, I just got too big too soon, and had no experience handling business tasks. Anyway, I tried a few good applications out there, but I felt that Zulu give me the more bang for my buck. To be honest I don’t want free, because free always comes with a price. I prefer giving honest people business as long as they give me good support and assistance and these guys really do deliver. From the very first time I was setting up my contacts to last week when I forgot my password, they always provided friendly and quick support. Anyway, too much talking and not enough designing! Rachel Mell, Phoenix AZ