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Enter a New Age of Business Management with the Right Cloud CRM System

A friend told me last week that he had never heard of a cloud CRM system. I was visiting his office, as I do every three or four months, and he confessed to me that he couldn't get accurate information about his own company more than a few times a year.
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Finding a Secure Cloud CRM System in the Age of Hacking

Companies looking for a dependable cloud CRM system might find it hard to know where to put their data these days. Governments now hack each other's computers, and listen in on what private companies are doing. Not long ago, Sony executives found their private e-mails distributed all over the internet. It seems that almost every week we hear news about the consequences of data theft. In this new world of computers and connections, is there still such a thing as a secret?
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How a Free Cloud CRM System Can Change Your Business

I have a friend who, instead of using some of the advanced and efficient free cloud CRM systems out there, just adds all of his new connections onto LinkedIn. He now has over 1700 connections … and he barely seems to know who any of them are.
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How to Work Faster and Improve Your Relationship with Employees with a Cloud CRM System

The world of business is a competitive one, and to win you'll need the kind of efficient, functioning office that only a cloud CRM system is designed to manage. You'll never find success in the corporate world if you have to fight even your own employees. Your team needs to act like a team – and it needs to be a team that wants to win.
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