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Contacts, Deals and Tasks
Create Contacts, Deals and Tasks and associate them with one another.
Simple categories
Contacts are categorized by Lead, Person, Company and Vendor.
Smart cards
Call, mail, create or associate quotes, invoices, notes, task, etc from contact cards.
Google maps integration
Built-in Google maps help you meet customers quicker and save costs.

Projected Income
Use data to make decisions so that every end of the month is stress free.
Customer aging
A list of standing invoices to help keep your cash-flow healthy.
Profit and Loss
Get a better idea of where you’re getting paid versus where you’re losing out.
Forecast Inventory
Never again waste money by overstocking items you don’t need. AND, never lose money by not having a product when it’s needed.

Create professional POs with only a few clicks anytime, anywhere.
Goods received
Update your stock the moment you receive it.

Since Zulu is an online application, you can use it on your iphone, android or windows device.
Screen responsive
Inside Zulu, you can place calls, email, create and send quotes, invoices and more on the go.
Move seamlessly between devices
Go from your PC or Mac, to your tablet and your mobile device without compromising functionality, ease of use and your lifestyle.

Free live chat
Whenever you need help, our agents are only a click away. You’ll find a chat box in the bottom right corner while using Zulu. This chat window can be removed if you like.
Free support around the clock
Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are here to help – no matter where you are in the world.
Free online training
Receive up to 2 hours of online training from one of our help and training desk to get you started with Zulu. We’ll walk you through settings your preferences, upload contacts, tasks and products and use the most common functions fast and easily.
Free video tutorials
We have created a number of Tutorial videos that will guide you through every process in Zulu.

See deals in the pipeline, deals you got this year, and daily tasks to keep you and your team efficient.
Create, send and manage your quotes and easily turn them into invoices with a couple of clicks.
Just like Quotes, you can create professional invoices on the go with only a few clicks.

Actual quantity on hand
Your stock calculated in real time based upon your sales and purchasing activities.
Inventory’s forecast
Know your inventory status and your future expenses to keep a healthy inventory and cash-flow.
Low stock warning
Timely warnings help you avoid the much dreaded “out of stock” on your hot selling items.
Control, find, transfer and manage your stock from one or multiple warehouses — on the go.

Product Reporting
Know your best-sellers and your worst performers, so you can shift your inventory accordingly.
View your sales team activities. Have access to their call logs to monitor their daily activities.
Financial Reporting
View and print reports in real time – no need to wait until the end of the month.
Sales Performance dashboard
See how your sales team is performing every time you login.

Amazon and Windows cloud services
Zulu is accessible 24x7x365 on the cloud, anytime, from anywhere in the world.
EC2 and RDS
For increased security and performance, our application servers are on a physically separate network than our database servers.
Security groups
Traffic is allowed only through certain ports and by certain address ranges. Zulu is a Hacker’s nightmare.
Private key file
SSH Server access is only available to someone who has the specific private key file, and there’s only one such file in the world.
Backup retention
Database backup retention gives us the ability to retrieve lost data at a moment’s notice.
Role based security
Only admins can export company data or delete users, and individual salesperson data can be hidden from other salespeople.
Works with 2048-bit signatures to keep you even safer than usual.
Session timeout
30 minute auto-logoff to prevent unauthorized access.
Login credentials
Separate Username/Password for each user.
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