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Create and send
invoices on any device
Get faster money collection and less workload by creating and sending invoices that are correct AND on-time. Imagine doing it wherever you are, on any device with an internet connection.
Convert your Quote into
an invoice with 2 clicks
Once your customer has accepted a Quote, you can search for it and click on it and convert it to an Invoice with 1 click. One more click will convert it to a PDF document and send it by email.
Automatic stock
reduction with every invoice
Zulu makes sure that everyone in your company is on the same page. Whoever is in charge of inventory, purchasing and sales, will have up-to-date information about the Inventory deduction from the latest invoice you created.
Adjust your running
number to Zulu
Zulu allows you to set the Invoice number to the actual number you are running, to ensure a smooth transition between your old system and ours.
other quick facts…
  • Zulu automatically remembers your special document settings
  • Duplicate old Invoices to make new ones with modified details
  • Show total amount in words, as well as in numbers
  • Choose your image sizes for products on documents
  • Set discounts by percentage or amount
  • Ability to set a due date and see upcoming due/overdue
  • Attach a signature image for quick approval
  • Customize header and footer information
  • Show or hide product descriptions
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