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compatible with Android, iOs, Linux, Mac,Windows
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Work while
Commuting to work is probably the most boring part of your day. So as long as you have a smartphone, or a tablet, you can complete your work or respond to urgent situations without having to go back to the office.
Work on the beach,
on the mountains
or in your bed
Sometimes you just need a rest or perhaps you are feeling under the weather, but you still have to get things done. Zulu’s come to your rescue, increasing efficiency and giving you more time to enjoy your life.
Check inventory, make
quotes right in front of
your customers
Increasing sales by shortening your sales cycle while giving that “WOW” impression to your potential customer. This serves your business and your wallet. Have your numbers handy and close those sales now!
Taste freedom while
maximizing control
Take care of your inventory, purchasing, invoicing, sales follow ups and reporting wherever you are. Break free from the office and work from ANYWHERE.
other quick facts…
  • Works with all platforms (Android, iOs, Windows)
  • Call, email and send documents within screen
  • Fully optimized for all brands and screen sizes
  • Same functionality across devices
  • Fully integrated for one click calling, Google maps, etc
  • Take photos and assign them to products, contacts, etc
  • Work on different devices seamlessly
  • Receive real-time email notifications
  • Get real-time information while with your customer
  • Create important documents instantly
  • Monitor performance on the go
  • Total access to your business anywhere
Everything a Sales Warrior needs
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Highly customizable documents
Security levels
Share data or private data for sales
Live chat
Built-in live chat within application
Advance search with precision
Transfer products to other warehouse