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Personalized to
fit your brand
Use your company logo across all document headers, change your background, currency, and even have a separate language for each user. Zulu works for you, not against you.
Create on any device
with just a few clicks
Create quotes from any device on the spot. Initiating sales quickly means having a healthier cash-flow with no delays. Convert quotes to invoices, add special taxes and notes.
Convert to PDF
and send as email
Enjoy a simple 2-click process to convert any document to PDF format. You can download it, or use the popular ‘Email as PDF’ feature to send it without ever leaving Zulu.
Set custom currency
for unique customers
Since Zulu is a global tool we allow you to set a different currency for each customer, and difference prices for each currency. However, let’s say you’re making an invoice and the customer must be billed in Euros, then Zulu will allow you to input a price then and there, without changing screens.
other quick facts…
  • Upload logo and change colors according to your brand
  • Customize your document number any way you like
  • Automatic running number (by default)
  • Start your Quotes from any number you want
  • Document number duplication prevention
  • Choose your image sizes for products on documents
  • Set discounts by percentage or amount
  • Set an expiry date, if you choose to
  • Attach a signature image for quick approval
  • Add custom item descriptions to fit your customers
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