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On the spot
graph analysis
No need to wait until the end of the month to get your reports. Click on the report you need and Zulu will generate it with the latest information so you have a clear view of what is happening in your company.
Filter analysis
by categories
Narrow down the information, by categories and periods of time, to understand the current performance of your business and design plans for the short and long term future.
Cash flow X-Ray review
Detect where your payments are getting stuck and act upon it. Many businesses go down just because they fail to collect their hard-earned payments.
Sales performance
Able to filter information by sales person or for the whole sales team. Our reports allow you to visualize your sales by person or by team, so you know who is and isn’t performing.
Export to Excel
Sometimes you just want to sit over a cup of coffee and peruse your numbers and graphs. You can just export them to excel, print them and plot your way to number one.
other quick facts…
  • Shows sales by customer, or by time or sales person
  • Classify sales by zones with your own custom names
  • Take a look at your top-earning customer zones
  • Show your top 10 highest selling products
  • Get income projections for the next 90 days
  • Look at which customers are buying the most
  • Find out what your top-netting items are
  • Helps you visualize your top customers
  • Make sure your stock levels are adequate
  • Export your data to excel
  • Sales call log report for calls made on mobile devices
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