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compatible with Android, iOs, Linux, Mac,Windows
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quantity on hand
Your stock calculated real time by your sales and purchasing activities.
Share inventory
across the board
Know your inventory status and your future expenses to keep a healthy inventory and predictable cash-flow.
Low stock
Timely warnings allow you to keep your inventory numbers so your numbers so your revenue doesn’t get damaged by stock shortages.
Find, manage and/or move your stock from one or multiple warehouses on the go.
other quick facts…
  • Set default purchasing amounts for shortage alarms
  • Assign manual or automatic product code
  • Upload products or services from Excel
  • Upload pictures of each product
  • Manual stock adjustment when needed
  • Set a cost for each product
  • Set products as active or inactive
  • Know what products you have in each warehouse
  • Create Quotes and Invoices right from the product view screen
  • Input your sales items as Product type or Service type
Everything a Sales Warrior needs
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Uniquely you
Highly customizable documents
Security levels
Share data or private data for sales
Live chat
Built-in live chat within application
Advance search with precision
Transfer products to other warehouse