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Meet the Zulu team

meet the Zulu team
The forces behind Zulu are an international team of highly dedicated, well calibrated individuals who believe in a sustainable creation that allows people more free time and a life well lived.

application manager/partner

Travis Wolfe is stationed in the United States and is an integral part of our team.

His interest in technology began at age 13 when his family purchased a household computer. His IT skills have been ever increasing since then.

He comes to the team to add an edge on usability, and preparing the product for market, making sure that Zulu is as humane and friendly as possible.

While he denies being a nerd, he possesses the best qualities of one while having skills usually not associate to his kind, such as a vision that extends from the technical into the user experience as well as on how to transform lines of code, into a sexy, turn-key product that feels good to use.

With great abilities to manage people, he is now guiding a team of coders, designers, system analysts and giving them direction and daily inspiration.

He will be soon in charge of managing and training Zulu’s help-desk, which soon will grow into a 24 hour operation.

With more than ten years of LAN administration & support, UI and web design, IT consulting and help desk experience and management, he is the most valuable addition to our core team.

founding director

Tla, a passionate individual, has led a life with the drive to discover all dimensions of the human endeavor, and has traveled great distances to pursue the plans and projects he believes in. His interest in business started as early as secondary school, when he couldn’t stop himself from “dealing” with candies and apparel.

While studying law he jumped into the family business taking charge of the marketing and sales department right in the middle of the worst Mexican economical crisis in the last 80 years. That experience taught him the value of hard work, creativity, resourcefulness and self-drive. After graduating he settled in New Zealand. Over-qualified at 21, he found himself working as a: door-to-door market researcher. Asking thousands of questions about hundreds of products helped him understand consumers’ minds. He also dabbled in International business by sourcing products from Mexico.

After four years and while traveling around the world for a year, he decided to go back to Mexico City and setup a private security company. Applying all the lessons learned helped him to thrive within a very short period of time, turning a service that is usually looked down upon into a company that was worth queuing and waiting for.

After a visit to South East Asia, he decided to sell his business, and try his luck in Bangkok Thailand. Within 2 years his IT company, Blue Ball, had over 50 engineers and soon found the need to open a coding and testing center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Currently , Blue Ball does work for companies in more than 15 countries around the world. His drive for quality and customer satisfaction guarantees a sophisticated clientele from companies in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

His vision to empower small companies at an affordable price, and his need for a compromise between hard work and free time to pursue other passions has led him to finally devise and create Zulu, so others can benefit in the same manner as he has.

founding partner

Wan is a driven woman always in search of new experiences and knowledge, with a passion for technology and computers. From a very young age, she realized the value of independence by taking her education into her own hands and away from the education system that was letting her down.

While still young, and not wanting to depend on her parents help, she explored ways to make her own money, buying and selling products to her classmates and friends.

She found her way into Chiang Mai University and majored in Computer Engineering. In a mostly male environment, she learned that the only way to outlast competition was uncompromising, constant effort. In a country where others shy away from the toughest subjects to keep a high academic average, she took the bull by the horns and enrolled into the most challenging and career-valuable subjects possible.

During her final year, she received a scholarship from Fujitsu Systems Business, the company that she joined a year later. In a tactful move, she rotated to many departments within IT: coding, testing, implementation, servers and hardware, etc. It was this experience-trumps-income mindset that brought her to the next level of her career.

Although she had worked in Singapore and collaborated with people around the world, she came to understand the potential of international collaboration after she got another scholarship to Japan to study Integrated Network System Management Engineering.

After a few months back in Thailand, she got a job offer from Mexico where she joined an IT company. Exposure to a new environment helped widen her vision and cement her will to become a true businesswoman. When finally returning to Thailand, she set up her own IT company, Blue Ball, which she runs as a General Manager to this day.

During her time as a businesswoman she has found the time to become a lawyer, a result for her longing for independence and drive for knowledge.

developing director/partner

Tae was always the bright student that knew just a bit more than his classmates. He fell in love with technology when he first caught a glance of a computer at age 12.

After getting an scholarship from Fujitsu Business Systems and graduating at the top of his class as a Computer Engineer, he joined the coding and implementation team of retailing and manufacturing systems at Fujitsu. There he demonstrated outstanding abilities and gained a rock-solid understanding of the business processes and logic of one of Japan’s most successful companies. Soon he was an important part of the pre-sales team, and even to this day, still consults Fujitsu for their own ERP implementations.

After ten years he decided to take all his expertise and make it available to Thai companies through his own company, Global Business Solutions, where he had the challenge of developing Taylor-made ERP systems that were smart and flexible enough to work under “Thai conditions”.

It was his experience, expertise and capabilities as a Software Architect that made him irresistible to Blue Ball’s partners, who spared no effort to attract him as a project director-partner. This partnership was pivotal for the growth of Blue Ball and it’s recognition as one of the most sought-after IT companies in manufacturing, retailing and banking systems in Thailand and overseas.

It was only when Blue Ball realized how exclusive Business Management Systems really are, with enormous price tags, that they decided to create a tool that every business could afford, big or small. This was the beginning of Zulu, the brainchild of Tae.