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Frequently Asked Questions

Password is incorrect: click the “forgot my password” link near the bottom. 
Username does not exist: Make sure your username is an email address format. Contact support with your Company name if you need more help. 
Account is Disabled: This can happen because of Trial expiration (buy and continue usage), or because of billing issues (contact support).
This one is not really a paradox. The Free Trial accounts (if and when we offer them) provide full unrestricted access to our system for a period of 15 days, at which point payment is required to continue usage.
Go to the language dropdown (this can be found in Settings > General Settings) and choose another language from the list. It’s WAY faster than learning another language. Note: each user inside your account can set a different language.
That’s just the way we made it!
Of course. We provide a simple interface where you can import thousands of contacts, products, or even import tasks from Gmail. You can find all these import functions by going to Settings > Other Screens.
We designed it from the bottom up for small and medium sales companies. Larger sales teams could benefit from it too, although it’s not highly customizable and may not have all the extremely advanced functions that are required to operate.
Just click on a product or contact, and then mouse-over the image on the top-left side and click the icon to upload your own image.
This is too easy! Just go to the settings screen, expand the bottom area, and click the blue button. Done.
After you’ve done all your importing (see above) we recommend you start creating whatever items are important to your operation. If your team is mostly sales, you should go to the Tasks screen and create tasks for your whole to-do list. If you have a business with lots of different products, then head over to the Products screen and get all of your inventory setup with photos and prices. Another nice feature is that we allow you to hide screens that you won’t use (Settings > Other Screens > Hide Screens).

Note: More FAQ questions are coming soon. Please be as patient as a spider.

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